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Flooring for the medical and pharmaceutical industry

Medical facilities (practices, clinics, hospitals), pharmaceuticals facilities and sanitary facilities inherently include a set of features that require a high degree of conscientiousness, rigor and precaution, here including the application of a flooring system. These special requirements determine certain quality, health and environmental protection standards that must be met. EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS is one of the partners in which you can trust the application of a synthetic, antibacterial synthetic flooring that resists chemical factors and intense wear.

EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS products comply with the national legislation applicable in this field, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, with the European norms for the installation and maintenance of flooring in medical and pharmaceutical areas. The flawless quality systems we provide perform remarkably well, are chemically resistant, easy to clean and to maintain. Their in-built features that contribute to preserving a clean environment result from the antistatic properties they are endowed with, as well as from the fact that they do not require joints in the finishing process.

Our flooring specialists team can guide you with expert advice. A qualitative product that meets the minimum hygiene requirements is just not sufficient – your medical industry flooring project also needs a suitable method of application, especially when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy environment.


Certificates and technical approval

Environment: LEED/BREAAM Declaration, Eurofins – A+ indoor air quality

Performance: Technical approval, CSTB performance ranking, clean rooms certification, A+ indoor air quality, performance declaration, ISO ranking, GMP A ranking adaptation