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Flooring for the food industry

The food sector is at the forefront of the areas of activity that require a hygienic, resistant and durable workspace. The implementation of a suitable flooring system is essential, and the quality standards provided by current European legislation must be met. EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS specialists have grasped the importance of respecting these norms and are prepared to advise you in choosing the right system for any work area in the food sector.

The flooring used in food production areas, as well as in warehouses, packing or food processing areas, should have a high degree of resistance to the physical and chemical factors with which it may come into contact. Textured surface, anti-skidding and resistance, durability and ease of cleaning – these features are essential in choosing the optimal flooring system for food production and processing areas.

The wide range of floor systems provided by EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS particularly for the food industry is viable, adaptable to both your specific project requirements and the most demanding production standards and safety requirements, while also promoting a clean working space and environmental protection.


Certificates and technical approval

Environment: LEED/BREAAM Declaration, BMG Engineering, AgBB Germany, M1 Classification Finland, AFFSET Recommendation France, Eurofins – A+ indoor air quality

Performance: Technical approval, Comfort Gold Indoor Air Certification, low COV emission, CSTB performance ranking, slip resistance, performance declaration