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Flooring for public and commercial spaces

Flooring systems designed for high-traffic public spaces, such as the retail field, should meet quite a few special specifications and features that are in line with their application fields. Robustness, durability, wear and abrasion resistance, pleasant design, comfort, antistatic properties, noise reduction parameters, ease of maintenance – these are essential in choosing the optimal flooring system for commercial spaces. The floor systems implemented by EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS in commercial high-traffic environments comply with all of these standards and even go beyond them. Increased attention is paid to safety and health. Considering the necessity to accommodate very large numbers of people, the only thing we can do is acknowledge the importance of a qualitative, durable floor that meets both your requirements, and the implicit needs of everyone who will be passing through the respective space.

We therefore believe that a necessary and even compulsory requirement in choosing the optimal retail flooring system is to establish together the best flooring solution for the space you want to set up. We guarantee you an informed and customized proposition, sustained by a range of varied qualitative products.


Certificates and technical approval

Environment: LEED/BREAAM Declaration, Eurofins – A+ indoor air quality, low VOC reduction

Performance: Technical approval, CSTB performance ranking, A+ indoor air quality, performance declaration, ISO ranking