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Epoxy flooring system for parking

This epoxy system recommended by EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS for parking areas is based on epoxy resins and requires no solvent. Moreover, the system is lightweight, bi-component and applied in layers of 1 mm-3 mm thickness. Considering primarily economic efficiency, the application of such a system is an indisputable benefit.

Recommended for indoor or covered parking spaces, this epoxy system has been specially designed to meet the needs and requirements of such areas. More specifically, it is an anti-skid system, bearing high resistance to heavy traffic, it is easy to maintain and very resistant to repeated mechanical shocks. These features complement and complete another set of specific technical characteristics, namely: the epoxy system for covered parking areas is waterproof, resistant to abrasion, acids and other chemicals, as well as oils. It therefore has the added advantage of protecting the concrete sub-layer and of increasing visibility inside the parking lot.

In terms of design, the epoxy flooring system for car parks – as implemented by the EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS team – allows personalization through the integration of pigment resins. This variety of colors has the advantage of covering a wide range of chromatic preferences.

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Epoxy flooring system for parking