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Flooring for parking and the automotive industry

A parking lot is, by definition, a facility that is different from any other, in more ways than one. In a parking space, it is necessary that the support pillars be as small as possible, for the purpose of efficiently organizing and using interior spaces. However, practice shows that such a construction has a large number of beams and, implicitly, requires adequate flooring solutions. The level of vibration in any given parking space is high, and often strong, and it is due to the actual car traffic in that particular area. The requirements for open multistoried car parks are even more special. In the absence of external walls, the structural elements of this type of systems are differentially subject to various external factors, such as: temperature, UV radiation, seasonal, frequent or extreme climatic conditions. This means that the systems used for uncovered car parks must comply with several even stricter rules regarding resistance to cracks and other types of potential damage, as well as durability over time.

EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS specialists are confident that they can help you in your car parking building endeavors. Considering the frequent outside factors that can affect a solid structure, we offer you real solutions to every potential problem. We are honored to already have parking areas in our portfolio, and we would enjoy discussing the particularities of your project with your team.


Certificates and technical approval

Environment: LEED/BREAAM Declaration, Eurofins – A+ indoor air quality

Performance: Technical approval, CSTB performance ranking, anti-slip properties, A+ indoor air quality, performance declaration