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Flooring for offices and urban areas

The flooring systems used in public spaces (such as office buildings, libraries, showrooms, residential complexes) are distinguishable from other floor systems in terms of some essential features. Proving necessary in high-flow areas, this type of floor system brings together not only design and adequate finish features, but also characteristics that have more to do with the implicit level of comfort or with noise reduction. In addition to durability and robustness, its increased safety features and compliance with health care standards are of paramount importance. An additional criterion in choosing a flooring system for private offices or residential buildings is the available color palette, a detail that can significantly contribute to the overall appearance of the respective space.

EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS offers you the opportunity to choose the optimal flooring solution for offices and urban areas. The products and technologies we sell cater for the most diverse needs and abide by the highest standards.


Certificates and technical approval

Environment: LEED/BREAAM Declaration, Eurofins – A+ indoor air quality, ISO ranking

Performance: IAAF system Certificates, IAAF installation Certificates, IHF certificate, ITF certificate, FIBA certification, BWF certification, IAKS membership certification