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Self-leveling epoxy system

This flooring is made of epoxy resin, with a finish that provides both a high level of hygiene and a pleasant, matte or shiny finish. The self-leveling epoxy system is ideal for creating a modern environment, but also for maintaining a low level of health risks and environmental hazards. In addition, the palette of colors available for such a floor is very attractive, providing a whole range of appealing shades.

One of the main features of self-leveling epoxy systems is their ability to contribute to the creation of a healthy working environment. This is possible due to the fact that this flooring meets the necessary quality, health and environmental protection requirements and standards. Maintenance of such floorings is easy, and the lifetime associated to it is extended. As a durable material, the need for repairs decreases considerably, confirming its quality and endurance. These benefits are added to the attractive, contemporary appearance, as well as to the fact that it does not stain, it does not produce dust, it is antistatic and it has increased resistance to abrasion.

These epoxy flooring systems are applied in layers of varying thickness (between 1.7 mm and 4 mm). They are waterproof, completely insulating the layer on which they are applied and, at the same time, they are monolithic surfaces. This latter aspect is particularly important, especially for obtaining a seamless floor. Consequently, hygiene rules are met, and this, in turn, reduces the risk of developing microbial flora. Furthermore, the anti-dust parameter significantly reduces exposure to allergenic factors.

The EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS team provides viable flooring solutions for external corners and columns as well. Thus, we offer one-piece, semi-round soffits, scaffolds and plinths that can be applied without additional joints or welds. Cleaning these is just as easy, and general maintenance costs of epoxy floorings are low. Additionally, we recommend the application of a protective layer (matte or shiny), designed to increase resistance to damage, to abrasion and to chemical leakage.

Self-leveling epoxy flooring systems are typically deployed in areas such as laboratories, warehouses, pharmaceutical factories, or clean rooms, but are also extensively used in areas specific to the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, or printing industries.

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Self-leveling epoxy system