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Flooring for manufacturing and industrial halls

The flooring solutions proposed by EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS cover a wide range of uses in the industrial field. EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS floorings are based on diverse technologies and superior, high performance products that meet the specific needs and requirements of any industrial application project. Through the implementation of various systems, from terrazzo to polyurethane mortars, from epoxy systems to polyurethane systems, from MMA to quartz systems, our team of specialists will contribute to achieving qualitative, resistant and durable pieces of work. We consider ourselves to be our clients’ partner, and, together, we can agree on the terms of execution and the requirements for each flooring project.

The floor systems we offer are acknowledged as featuring the most diverse functions, being highly resistant to abrasive agents and heavy traffic, while also respecting shared quality, design, health and environmental norms and standards. If you want to implement a solid, lasting, modern and useful industrial system, please feel free to contact us directly. EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS specialists will offer you their best service in terms of viable floor solutions for halls, factories, production or assembly lines, hangars, warehouses and more.


Certificates and technical approval

Environment: LEED/BREAAM Declaration, Eurofins – A+ indoor air quality, low VOC emission

Performance: Technical approval, CSTB performance ranking, A+ indoor air quality, performance declaration, ISO ranking, GMP A ranking adaptation