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EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS – From idea to performance in the flooring industry


EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS was established at the end of 2010, following the belief that determination and perseverance represent the starting point for ambitious projects, the quality and durability of which are not hindered by limited resources.

The business idea was, of course, crafted prior to the actual establishment of EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS. The initial name of the company was 4m Flooring (4m Pardoseli, in Romanian): a suggestive and powerful name, especially for the national target audience. Marius Baciu and Claudiu Baciu are the entrepreneurs who established the business and who continue to work for the achievement of the initial objective: offering viable solutions in the Romanian synthetic flooring industry. The path followed by EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS comprised several development stages, growing from an idea into a competitive, sustainable and dedicated entity. One of the pillars on which the rapid and thorough growth took place is the actual team behind the project: united, motivated and results-oriented.

EMS Group

EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS’ membership in EMS Group (European Multisolution Systems Group) honors and motivates us, at the same time. Together with EMS Polishing and Hidro Systems and Technologies, we are taking ongoing and sustained action to offer clients exactly what they need and want, in terms of flooring. While, within EMS Group, the activity trajectories focus on executing industrial flooring hydro isolation and polishing, EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS aims at providing high performing synthetic resins flooring systems.


The new business vision adopted by EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS contributed to the initiation of the company rebranding process, as an inherent and necessary component of development. This process involves the entire array of available resources and is mirrored in each of them. Thus, a consolidated, more competitive and stronger brand identity is created for a company which aims toward excellence. Under the new slogan – “A New Way of Performance”, EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS implements fundamental upgrades in all its divisions. The corporate promise centers on the consolidation, development and diversification of this Romanian brand, both nationally and at the European level. The freshness of the concept behind the new brand is visible through the ambition to showcase competence, professionalism and expertise in the flooring systems industry. The actual idea will continue to be sustained by real, measurable results, as well as the very high quality of the execution process.


EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS aims at maintaining and consolidating its top position among flooring solutions suppliers.


EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS is a fair partner, dedicated to its clients, offering a complete and varied range of solutions for flooring systems implemented in various spaces. The high standards of professionalism and quality are respected throughout the business.

Our mission is to satisfy the needs and requirements of all those who contract our services.


The growth of EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS was possible thanks to the values we follow and have come to acquire. Our entire activity is based on Professionalism, Performance and Respect. We responsibly implement the projects we engage in, and we acknowledge the importance of effective communication with our clients. On the long run, these values impose stability, as well as remarkable results.


EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS functions based on specific objectives, among which:

  •     To provide superior quality services and products to all its clients;
  •     To continue catering for the flooring requirements and needs of clients from all fields of activity;
  •     To undergo the necessary actions to maintain and consolidate de collaboration with the company’s partners and suppliers;
  •     To offer specialized consultancy services in the synthetic floor systems industry;
  •     To continuously upgrade the utilized execution procedures;
  •     To consolidate the internal environment through the capitalization of its resources;
  •     To adhere to a customer-oriented approach in all endeavors.

The team

Involvement is essential in any team. Without good, dedicated and ambitious individuals, it would have been more difficult to get where we are today. At present, the EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS team comprises more than 55 people with exceptional potential, who constantly focus on developing professionally, alongside every implemented project.

We find our motivation in the actual results we achieve on behalf of our customers and we take on new challenges with enthusiasm and determination. One of our guiding principles is a realistic and proactive approach to the projects we implement, and it is visible in concrete and coherent endeavors regarding continuous development.

During this entire period, our team enjoyed efficient collaboration with over 100 suppliers and the successful realization of projects initiated together with over 150 clients. And, thanks to all of them, we can now reach new performance levels, based on the continuous improvement of our work processes.

The future

Our future plans represent an intuitive and natural continuation of our international success. First and foremost, the EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS development strategy refers to the expansion of the activities at the European level and the inherent strengthening of our team of professionals. Our extensive expertise, as well as the modern technologies we use guarantee that we will continue implementing high quality projects of increased importance, in regions that go beyond the borders of Romania.