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EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS professional flooring systems

EUROPEAN MULTISOLUTION SYSTEMS - professional flooring systems

EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS implements flooring systems that make use of state of the art application processes and high quality products. These can be applied in any field of activity, ranging from medical, food and commercial, to industrial, automotive and chemical. The synthetic flooring systems we provide adhere to the strictest production, safety, quality and environment protection norms. EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS solutions to apply synthetic flooring cover a broad range of special needs and requirements: they have anti-dust, antistatic and non-skid properties; they are resistant to acid, corrosion and heavy traffic; they are flexible, waterproof and good heat conductors; they are self-leveling and offer optimal coverage; they have a pleasant design; they can be applied in very diverse work environments.

Our consultants will gladly offer you more information on the flooring solutions provided by EMS FLOOR SYSTEMS. Please contact us, and we will establish the details of your project together.